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At Healand Clinic, we provide individual blood testing services. Schedule your blood draw directly with us. Once results are in, we'll interpret and explain them to you.


At Healand Clinic, we provide individual blood testing services. Schedule your blood draw directly with us. Once results are in, we'll interpret and explain them to you.



Full Blood Count - £45

  • Reveals vital details about various blood cell types: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

  • Abnormalities can signal important medical conditions.


Blood Glucose Test or HbA1c

  • Measures blood sugar (glucose) attached to haemoglobin, essential for oxygen transport.

  • Indicates diabetes control effectiveness.

Cholesterol Blood Test/ Lipid Panel - £20

  • Measures cholesterol and triglyceride levels, crucial for assessing coronary artery disease risk.

Liver Function Test - £35

  • Assesses liver damage or inflammation by measuring substances produced by the liver.

Kidney Function Test- £45

  • Evaluates kidney filtration efficiency.

Iron Blood Test- £25

  • Decreased iron levels impair the function of red blood cells, which are vital for oxygen transport throughout the body.

  • See Iron Infusion page.

PSA Test - £40

  • Measures prostate-specific antigen levels in the blood for monitoring prostate health.

Fertility tests

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)- £25

  • Luteinising Hormone (LH)- £25

  • Progesterone -£35

  • Total testosterone - £25

  • Dihydrotestosterone- £95

HIV Screening Blood test- £50

  • HIV screening aids in early detection and management of the virus.

Allergy testing - £20

  • Measures immunoglobulin levels to identify allergic responses.

Folate - £25

  • Detects folate deficiency, which can affect red blood cell development and nerve function.

 Cystatin-C - £150

  • The cystatin C test shows how well your kidneys are filtering the protein cystatin C out of your blood.

 Serum Cortisol - £40

  • High cortisol levels: Can result in symptoms like weight gain, acne, and fatigue.

  • Too little cortisol: May indicate issues with the pituitary or adrenal glands, potentially signalling Addison's disease.

Gut Health Blood test or Organic acid test (OAT) - £300

  • Diagnoses metabolic disorders, toxicity, dysbiosis effects, or nutrient deficiencies impacting bodily functions.

  • This is a urine sample and the testing includes biomarkers for things such as intestinal microbial overgrowth, various metabolites and markers (including amino acids).

This list is not exhaustive, if you do not see the test(s) you are looking for please get in touch.

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Blood Draw Fee (This fee is in addition to the cost of all blood tests taken face to face at Healand Clinic)




Home Nurse Blood Draw Fee


If you opt to have a nurse visit your home to draw your blood sample this is carried out via our partner service via our laboratory which incurs a fee.



Pre-test information

Hormone diagnostic tests must be taken between 07:00 – 11:00 am. You must not have eaten food or drank caffeine/sugar/carbohydrate containing drinks in the last 6 hours. Water is fine and Healand recommends you stay well hydrated in the preceding 48 hours prior to your blood test being taken. If you regularly consume pre-workout drinks, Healand advises you cease consuming these 7 days prior to having your blood test. If you have had a Prostate Assessment via Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) in the last 7 days or an active Urinary Tract Infection in the same time period, Healand advise you schedule any diagnostic testing for 7 days after the examination/last symptoms. Healand advises you refrain from exertion (heavy exercise/sexual intercourse etc) in the preceding 48 hours as this can skew results.

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Before we book you in for any treatments at Healand Clinic, we will take you through a full consultation. 


This process, conducted in person, or on video, with one of our expert team members is designed to ensure you get the right treatment for you, and that any questions you may have are answered in full before the process begins. 


Book a consultation with us using the button below, or pop into the clinic for a chat during our opening hours.


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