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NAD+ Infusion is a bio-enhancement treatment that is relatively new to the UK market. NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule in the human body, and is responsible for energy production at the cellular level. 


This treatment involves supplementing the body with NAD+, which helps increase your cells’ ability to produce energy. Treatments take approximately 1-2 hours, and are administered via intravenous infusion. 

We are partnering with Koniver Wellness (Dr Craig Koniver), with all his protocols for NAD+ and peptide therapy available at Healand Clinic. Find out more:

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NAD+ levels in the body naturally decline with age, and studies have suggested that restoring NAD+ levels can have various health benefits. 


Some potential benefits of NAD+ infusions include increased energy levels; anti-aging effects including prevention of age-related illnesses; improved cognitive function; enhanced athletic performance; and relief from cravings (however addiction protocols must be discussed with your clinician).

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To find out more about NAD+ infusions, book a consultation now.

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Before we book you in for any bio-enhancement treatments at Healand Clinic, we will take you through a full consultation. 


This process, conducted in person, or on video, with one of our expert team members is designed to ensure you get the right treatment for you, and that any questions you may have are answered in full before the process begins. 


Book a consultation with us using the button below, or pop into the clinic for a chat during our opening hours.


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