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Aesthetics: Will Dermal Fillers smooth out skin?

Hi everyone, Backshinder here from Healand Clinic.

So today we're going to talk about dermal fillers.

So what are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves injecting a gel-like substance under the skin

This will smoothen out any wrinkles and restore volume to enhance a facial contours.

The most common type of filler is made from hyaluronic acid a natural occurring substance that is found in the body that helps hydrate and plump the skin.

Dermal filler treatment is a quick and relatively painless treatment with minimal downtime, it typically takes around 15 to 30 minutes depending on the area that is treated and the results can last anywhere between six months to two years.

The procedure involves a series of small injections which are carefully placed to achieve a more desired effect.

The clinician may use a topical anesthesia something like lidocaine to minimise discomfort and there may be some swelling and bruising afterwards but this normally subsides after a few days to a few weeks depending on the treated area.

Dermal filler can be used for a variety of areas including lips, cheeks, chin, nasolibial folds.

It can also be used to enhance facial features such as creating a more defined jawline or a more prominent nose bridge.

Overall dermal filler is a safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance without the need for surgery.

Here at Healand Clinic with our experienced clinicians, we can provide a more natural looking result and with minimised complications.

If you are interested or considering having dermal filler treatment book your free initial consultation to discuss your aims and options.

Let Healand be part of your healthcare journey.

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