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Meet Felix Hay, Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Hormone Replacement Lead at Healand Clinic

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Hi everyone Felix here, Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Hormone Replacement Lead with Healand Clinic.

I'm here today to tell you a little bit about me and my role at the clinic and what we can offer.

I'm what is known as an advanced clinical practitioner or ACP for short.

Now some of you out there in the world of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may recognise me from another role in the realms of TRT that I have undertaken in the past but for those that have seen me for the first time - my background is nearly two decades of the NHS, based primarily in emergency medicine with some time spent in surgical nursing.

I have formal training, and have worked extensively, in the arena of medical research and I'm lucky enough to have published works and presented at large medical conferences.

Also, now for a number of years, I worked as a nurse and then I went back to University at the University of Sheffield to undertake a master's degree in medical sciences and advanced practice which included training in Pharmacology and non-medical prescribing.

This allows me to see patients, diagnose, treat and discharge or refer on to other Specialists if I feel necessary.

Here at Healand I'm the hormone replacement lead but I also have training in, and considerable services on, medical weight loss, cryotherapy, pain management, and bio-enhancement, so if you're interested in any of our services including screening, blood tests, and treatments, book your free consultation with one of our clinicians to discuss your needs.

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