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Preventative screening can combat winter ill health

Dr Omar Babar, NHS consultant who is also the Medical Director (MD) of Healand Clinic in Leicester says preventative health care is critical in the winter months. 

Dr Omar Babar, Medical Director at Healand Clinic & Leicester NHS Consultant
Dr Omar Babar, Medical Director at Healand Clinic & Leicester NHS Consultant

The cold weather has set in which increases winter respiratory illnesses that can be issues in everyday life such as enforced time off work, and increased health risks to some. This can add significant pressure to the NHS. 


With over two million people visiting A&E in December 2023 alone and the current rising demand on the NHS, the call for people to start investing in their health and wellbeing is louder than ever.


Healand Clinic, located just off New Walk in Leicester, offers innovative, cutting-edge therapies aimed at restoring and improving both form and function. Opened by professional medical director, Dr Omar Babar in summer 2023 Healand gives people access to preventive health care. 

Dr Babar, said: “Everyone should prioritise their health and wellbeing all year round and try not to wait for symptoms to emerge. Adopting healthy practices and taking ownership of one’s individual health and wellbeing, ultimately helps to boost the immune system and improve form and function. I know first-hand from my clinical experience on the front line in the NHS, preventive measures could empower people’s wellbeing and prevent the need for reactive care.”  


Gulsah Gokce, Nurse Practitioner and Clinic Manager, quotes “At Healand Clinic we are a team of clinical care professionals who offer a full health screening and blood tests which in turn can review a range of things including diabetes, liver function and immunity resilience. Alongside the health screening, we also administer IV nutrition and vitamin therapy. I have seen our treatments empower people to future proof their health as well as manage ongoing pain.” 


The clinic is not an alternative Emergency Department instead the focus is on preventative and innovative treatment options to support people gaining their optimum health. Before embarking on any treatment, a comprehensive consultation is undertaken.


Healand Clinic is delivered by professional expert clinicians who work together ensuring the highest standard of safety and efficacy in treatment and care. They are a core team who have experienced Senior Medical and Nursing professionals who work alongside psychotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals (AHP) to ensure consultations and treatment plans are thorough.



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