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We offer various weight loss management programmes at Healand Clinic where our programmes are tailored to your needs. At Healand Clinic, we view weight loss as a holistic process. Our team consists of doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, personal trainers, and other allied health professionals. Our approach to weight management means that you will receive a personalised plan to achieve targeted results.


Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses cold temperatures to ‘freeze’ fat from specific areas of the body.

Deso Fat Injection treatments help address localised or stubborn pockets of fat in the face or body.

Our treatments include weight loss medication, fat freezing, non-surgical liposuction (in the form of fat dissolving injections) targeted nutritional advice, focused exercise regimes, and psychotherapy sessions to help people struggling with stress or trauma induced eating habits.. 


Healand Clinic sets itself apart by offering more novel therapies to aid in the weight loss journey through use of tailored IV infusions aimed at increasing cellular health and mitochondrial activity - this is achieved through a combination of IV infusions including NAD+ infusions. We have partnered with Koniver Wellness from the US who provide access to advanced peptide protocols to further assist in your weight loss journey. We tailor our approach to weight management depending on your needs and goals. For example, we may recommend weight loss medication in conjunction with an exercise regime and counselling with our in-house psychotherapist. 


Before you embark on a weight management programme with us at Healand Clinic, you will be booked in for consultation with one of our clinicians. You may be followed by a further consultation with one of our area specialists in order to ensure the treatment you receive is appropriate for you. As part of your assessment you will have a full-body composition scan through our state-of-the-art bioelectrical impedence scanner. This analysis will show your body fat content - subcutaneous and visceral, alongside skeletal muscle mass. This analysis will help both of us set mutual achievable targets for us to work towards.

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People look to lose weight for a wide range of reasons, each being personal to them. Individuals who will benefit the most from weight management programmes would be those with excess body fat or for those who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. These individuals can range from fitness enthusiasts to medically obese individuals seeking to reduce their body fat and subsequent risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Clinician in treatment room with crytherapy machine
Clinician treating patient in treatment room

Before we book you in for any treatments at Healand Clinic, we will take you through a full consultation. 


This process, conducted in person, or on video, with one of our expert team members is designed to ensure you get the right treatment for you, and that any questions you may have are answered in full before the process begins. 


Book a consultation with us using the button below, or pop into the clinic for a chat during our opening hours.



Book initial telephone consultation

Discuss goals available therapeutic options

if patients wants to proceed...

Book for longer consultation

go over consent process

Every patient will get a booking for EVOLT 360 scan

Blood test if required

Choose and initiate therapeutic modality - options:

  1. Injections - daily/weekly

  2. Tablets

  3. Fat-dissolving - non-surgical lipolysis

  4. Fat-freezing - non-surgical cryolipolysis

  5. Nutrition/Dietary regimen

  6. Workout app membership

  7. Bio-enhancement therapies to boost cellular health and metabolism

  8. Psychotherapy intervention for problem/stress eating

4 weekly check-in

with practitioner to document progress

8 week check-in

with practitioner to document progress

12 week check-in

 with EVOLT 360 scan

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