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Healand Clinic recognises that there will be times when patients, their families or members of staff and others are dissatisfied with aspects of the care and services that we provide. We are committed to ensuring that concerns from people using our services are acknowledged, responded to and that the organisation responsibly learns from them.


We are committed to dealing with any issues that may arise as quickly and effectively as possible, by making sure that concerns and complaints are dealt with in a timely manner. The risk of escalation can be minimised and the opportunity of finding a satisfactory resolution to the problem is maximised, by taking a proactive and responsible approach to respond to and manage every complaint that has been brought to our attention.


The clinic manager can be contacted as detailed below for postal complaints:

Healand Limited

1a Salisbury Road,


England, LE1 7QR




Complaints must be submitted in writing (or via email: to the clinic manager, or in writing (letter) to the above address. If a complaint is initially given verbally, the complainant should be asked to put these in writing. This is to ensure clarity of the full and specific details of the complaint. Where the complainant is unable to submit a complaint in writing, they should raise the complaint with Dr. Syed Omar Babar, who will then record the complaint.


Comments on social media websites will not normally be deemed to be formal complaints unless submitted in writing via one of the means outlined above.


We will aim to respond to your complaint within 2 working days.

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