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Healand Clinic, in collaboration with Koniver Wellness, offers the ‘Goddess’ peptide protocol. This is a unique blend of PT-141, tesamorelin, selank, and hexarelin.

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As part of Peptide Therapy Treatments at Healand Clinic, we conduct a comprehensive assessment which can be done in person, over the phone or via video.


Our expert team ensures the treatment aligns perfectly with your needs and provides ample opportunity for you to ask any questions before the process begins. 

Book your free consultation with us today to find out if this peptide protocol is right for you.


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PT-141 is a libido-boosting peptide. It’s a synthetic peptide analog of alpha-MSH, which is a neurohormone in the melanocortin system. It works by activating the MC3R and MC4R receptors in the brain. Intranasal use of this peptide causes erection in many animals and humans. However, PT-141 doesn’t cause the drop in blood pressure, unlike current erectile drugs, suggesting that it doesn’t work through the cardiovascular system.


The melanocortin system controls metabolism and appetite, along with heart health, stress response, and sexual function. Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) can modulate the nervous and immune systems. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities.


Growth hormone is a very important anti-aging hormone that helps with cell growth and metabolic efficiency. It also helps with the production of IGF-1 to reproduce and regenerate cells. But your body has a negative feedback system for growth hormone, so injecting GH leads to too much IGF-1, which accelerates cellular ageing.


Selank is a 7-amino acid peptide created by joining Tuftsin with another three amino acids to make it more stable. As a synthetic analog of Tuftsin, a 4-amino acid that is part of immunoglobulin G, it has some immune-stimulating effects.


Hexarelin is a synthetic growth hormone-releasing peptide that stimulates GHRH release. It’s the strongest one that also increases cortisol and prolactin. However, it does not increase appetite, making it a helpful peptide for fat loss.


Growth hormone is a natural peptide hormone from your pituitary gland. In young children, it stimulates growth. In adults, it supports muscle mass, fat metabolism, bone health, and heart health. It typically increases during deep sleep in the middle of the night. Also, its levels decline with age, contributing to age-related body fat gain, loss of lean mass, and slowed metabolism.

​According to Koniver Wellness, this peptide has the following components and potential benefits:

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