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Psychotherapy: Can psychotherapy help me?

Today we're going to be talking about what psychotherapy is.

Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool for relieving psychological and emotional suffering.

Within psychotherapy there are numerous approaches that therapists may use but there are several key principles.

The first is a notion that many of our psychological issues originate from unconscious internal conflicts and struggles.

Psychotherapy works to support us to bring those unconscious feelings into our consciousness so that we can understand how our internal conflicts affects us in the present day.

It can be difficult to identify the origins of present day feelings or relationship patterns as our experiences throughout our lives shape who we are emotionally and affect how we think and react to events.

Early childhood experiences in particular have a strong influence on our emotional lives; we may have developed defenses in childhood that helped us feel safe and relieve distress but as adults these defenses may be causing us problems.

Within our relationships with ourselves and with others, while it can be challenging to heal emotional distress, psychotherapy can bring crucial feelings and ideas from the unconscious to the consciousness through a number of methods and modalities.

By making sense of underlying difficulty, clients can feel better equipped to face life challenges.

In the safe and non-judgmental environment of therapy, clients can express their needs, anger and distress without fear of retaliation and with development and experience of this kind of empathetic relationship they can come to develop a model for safe and bounded relationships.

If you're interested in Psychotherapy or any other services, then please book your free consultation with one of our clinicians to discuss your needs.

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