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Bio-enhancement: What an NAD+ Infusion feels like

NAD+ infusions are given intravenously, that is straight into the vein.

The infusion can last anywhere from 30 minutes to about 2 hours depending on the sensation you will feel when having the infusion.

At Healand we give you control over the speed of the infusion so you decide how fast or slow you want the infusion.

Once the infusion starts, within about 30 seconds, you will start to feel the infusion.

This feeling will vary from person to person; you will feel a sensation in the middle of your chest or in the upper abdomen - different people feel it differently - but I can tell you what I felt when I had mine.

For me it felt like a grumbling feeling and it continued until the infusion finished.

I had set my dial to free flow so my infusion only lasted around 30 minutes.

The sensation can be quite powerful and some people slow their infusion right down which makes the infusion last a bit longer.

If the infusion is taking too long or you are unable to tolerate it we can discuss changing your dose to better suit your needs.

Once you are infused with the NAD it goes straight to your cells.

It first causes a fission response which may make you feel a bit lethargic, a bit run down, on the evening of your infusion.

Your mitochondria and your cells will then start to respond and ramp up their ATP or energy production - this is the fusion stage and this is typically when you start to notice the effects.

You'll feel more energised, more cognitively enhanced, and I'll tell you something interesting that happened to me:

I love crisps, I usually eat end up eating them around dinner time - I know it's not the best thing to do and I'm a doctor but hey I'm being honest!

After my infusion I lost the cravings.

I no longer felt any urge to go and grab a bag after my dinner.

This is after just one infusion and the effect lasted for around 30 days and that is when I knew that I was due my next dose because I could find myself reaching for the snacks again.

So apart from feeling more energised, you would have jump start your cellular health.

Your internal systems would have been given a boost and the aim is to make you start feeling younger and more energised again.

I remember talking to someone who said some of his greying hair had started to turn black again

Now let's talk about how many infusions you need before feeling its effects.

Some people will feel it straight after the first one like myself and others take a few more.

At Healand, we recommend having five infusions as a loading protocol,which needs to be given in quick succession - we recommended over about 10 days but exceptions can be made and we can go over this during the consultation process

It's important to note our NAD+ infusions are about 750 milligrams each which is higher than what you may get at other clinics.

After the loading protocol you will feel when you need a top-up, generally this is every four to eight weeks.

If you are interested in having this infusion please book your free initial appointment.

Let Healand be part of your Healthcare Journey.


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