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I have that 'good night's sleep' feeling!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Customer blog.

"As a mum of an energetic and super fun three-year-old I’ve been feeling more and more tired. I kept thinking I could do with a good night's sleep or a day to myself on a sunny beach with a book. Neither of these two things have been at all possible yet my tiredness has still been there.

"When I heard about vitamin infusions and energy boosters, I thought they sounded too good to be true. But, when I realised that a lot of busy celebrities and career people were choosing them as a method to combat fatigue and even hangovers, I thought I need to find out more.

"I spoke to Dr Omar at Healand Clinic about my tiredness and explained that I had recently benefited from Vitamin B-12 injections. Dr Omar suggested that I have a consultation with him about the types of vitamins and boosters that would benefit me. Following this consultation, I booked in for my personalised vitamin infusion. It was on a Saturday morning in July - my little boy was being looked after - I had two hours booked to myself at the clinic.

"I arrived (slightly nervous) Backshinder the nurse practitioner at the clinic greeted me and made me a coffee. I then got set up in a private room where my IV would take place. I sat in the comfiest massage chair ever and turned on the TV. Backshinder prepared my IV vitamin drip.

"The insertion of the IV into my arm was fairly pain free to be honest - a slight scratch feeling and a heavy arm for a short amount of time. Once it was all set up though I could hardly feel a thing. I rested my arm on the side of the chair whilst the vitamin goodness flowed into my system.

"During the two hours I simply sat down and let the IV do the work. I took the opportunity to relax in front of the TV whilst enjoying a back massage courtesy of the chair.

"When I was there, I took a photo of myself and added it to my insta story. It was amazing the number of ‘toddler mums’ who wanted to find out more as they were also feeling tired and had low energy.

"Everyone's needs are different and that's what makes Healand so good because the trained medical team understands that. As part of my treatment, I had been prescribed Vitamin C and B-12 intravenously which is to aid collagen production and support the immune system and prevent cell damage from free radicals (free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging). I had a second treatment which was Glutathione. This is a skin booster and aids in the quality of sleep. Also detoxifies and fights oxidative stress.

"The final ingredient I had was the elixir - known as magic. This was a fast intravenous, so it took a matter of minutes rather than hours. This is an energy booster, strengthens immunity and promotes anti-aging.

"Apparently, a lot of health-conscious celebrities scheduled vitamin IV and energy boosters as part of their regime and to be honest after my experience I can see why.

"The following day I seemed to get out of bed a lot easier and this has been the case for the past month. I also felt like I had put my glasses on but instead of my eyes on my mind - I have more clarity than ever. I suddenly feel like I have had such a good night's sleep - a feeling I have wanted since I gave birth!

"Several people have commented that I look well too. My make-up also goes on a lot better because the skin on my face is smoother than it’s been in years. And I had a pedicure recently and the beautician said the skin on my feet was extremely soft this time.

"For me now I will be having the vitamin IV and booster on a seasonal basis - some people have them more regularly but seasonally seems like a good way to replenish. I wish I had known about them sooner!"


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