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Medical Ozone therapy has been around for many decades, but has only recently been introduced to UK practices. Healand Clinic offers both ozone infusions and ozone injections, both of which are offered as pain management treatments. 


Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, is a strong anti-inflammatory, and helps regulate autoimmune conditions. Medical ozone therapy involves introducing precise concentrations and dosages of ozone into the body. This can be done via IV therapy, through rectal insufflation or via injections. 

Lady in treatment chair on an IV drip


Headland Clinic offers ozone infusions, which are very useful in treating autoimmune conditions including rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease etc, for the detoxification of organs and having an anti-inflammatory effect systemically.


Ozone infusions are administered either intravenously - blood is drawn out via a needle into a glass chamber, ozone gas is mixed with blood before being re-infused into vein - or rectally, where a thin silicone tube inserted into the rectum and ozone gas pushed through the tube over 15-20 mins.


This is a very safe procedure - no immediate effects will be felt. Rectal insufflation can cause sensation of bloating and uneasiness, however this should resolve within 30 minutes of the procedure.


Depending on the type of treatment received, five to ten sessions may be required, with sessions taking place every two to four weeks. 


Ozone infusions may be recommended for:

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Chronic pain sufferers.

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Patients with autoimmune conditions - like rheumatoidrheumatoic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn'scrohns disease, ulcerative colitiscolitic. Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Prostatic hypertrophy, asthma, multiple sclerosis. 

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Ozone infusions have been shown to have anti-ageing properties with increased oxygen delivery to cells and tired organs.

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Before we book you in for any treatments at Healand Clinic, we will take you through a full consultation. 


This process, conducted in person, or on video, with one of our expert team members is designed to ensure you get the right treatment for you, and that any questions you may have are answered in full before the process begins. 


Book a consultation with us using the button below, or pop into the clinic for a chat during our opening hours.


Neither ozone infusions, nor ozone injections are available on the NHS. Book a consultation now to find out if ozone treatments are right for you.

Man holding his leg due to knee pain


We also offer medical ozone injections at Healand Clinic. Ozone, when injected in or around an affected joint, has strong analgesic effects and healing properties. 


Ozone can help with chronic pain and inflammation, and encourages healing and recovery of joints, cartilage, ligaments and bones.


Before administering an injection of ozone to a painful joint, an ice pack is applied to the area for one minute. Ozone gas is then injected into the affected area subcutaneously (using very shallow injections) with a very fine bore needle. 


You may feel a stinging sensation as ozone gas diffuses through skin layers. However this should last less than five minutes. 


Though for some patients, one session may suffice, others may need to return for ‘top up’ injections to maintain the benefits of ozone therapy. 

Lady in gym clothing, holding her neck and lower back


Ozone injections may be recommended for:

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Joint pain sufferers regardless of underlying cause.

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Patients suffering with acute muscle spasms, acute back spasms, chronic back spasms, post traumatic pain, prolapsed discs in vertebrae, arthritis in the knees, wrists, shoulders or hips, sciatica.

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