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Leicester’s Healand Clinic wins top awards in Healthcare Innovation and Pain Management

Healand Clinic, a leading private healthcare provider, earns the Most Innovative Private Healthcare Clinic 2024 and the Excellence Award in Pain Management from GHP Magazine, highlighting its transformative patient care.

Rianna Young, Gulsah Gokce, Dr Omar Babar (Medical Director), Backshinder Mattu.
The Healand team with their award

Healand Clinic is CQC registered and offers innovative, cutting-edge therapies aimed at restoring and improving both form and function. The clinic opened in summer 2023 and was established by Medical Director, Dr Omar Babar who has been practicing medicine for 13 years in the NHS.

The clinic gives people access to preventive healthcare options and has attracted clients locally and nationally as well as establishing itself as a key player within the industry. From pain management to aesthetics, bio-enhancements, and psychotherapy Healand Clinic showcases an innovative blend of therapies and treatments. 

Unlike traditional clinics, Healand is dedicated to embracing innovative technologies and methodologies. One of Healand Clinic's standout specialties is its advanced pain management options. Among its notable treatments are Ozone therapies, which have helped with pain relief and autoimmune condition management. 

By harnessing the power of Ozone gas, these therapies offer a safe and effective solution for chronic pain and autoimmune conditions. Through intravenous infusion, Ozone gas is introduced into the bloodstream, providing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits while protecting against harmful pathogens.

Dr Omar Babar, Medical Director at Healand Clinic, said: “I must first and foremost thank the incredible team and The GHP for this award. As a clinical team we are absolutely delighted to have been recognised in this way especially as we are soon to reach our one-year anniversary. 

“I created Healand Clinic to combine extensive medical expertise with tailored innovative treatments. Throughout my journey in medicine, I've seen first-hand that nothing surpasses personal health needs. Therefore, helping people reach their optimum health is my absolute priority.

"At Healand Clinic we will continue on our mission to enable people to have access to the most innovative and cutting-edge therapies and be at the forefront of options in healthcare."

The goal of pain management at Healand is to reduce or alleviate pain, improve functionality, and enhance the overall well-being of the individual experiencing it. 

Omar Babar continued: “At Healand I have treated people who have turned to us after years of waiting to find a medical solution to relieve their pain problems. Then after receiving their tailored treatment, their lives have been transformed they now live a happier healthier life.”

Healand Clinic is delivered by professional expert clinicians who work together ensuring the highest standard of safety and efficacy in treatment and care. They are a core team who have experienced Senior Medical and Nursing professionals who work alongside psychotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals (AHP) to ensure consultations and treatment plans are thorough.

The clinic is not an alternative Emergency Department and before embarking on any treatment, a comprehensive consultation is undertaken.  



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